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  • DESIGNED FOR AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE The Plantronics BackBeat 105 is designed to complement your on-the-go lifestyle. The brand understands your need for a music companion that stays through your hectic schedule. Sleek and well-built with numerous features, these headsets do just that. DEEPSLEEP POWER SAVING MODE Stay eco-friendly by saving energy when not in use. The DeepSleep mode gets activated when you’re away from your phone for over 1.5 hours. When it’s back in range, you can just tap the call button and it will wake up. ECHO CANCELING AND NOISE REDUCTION The BackBeat 105 is a comfortable headset that does a good job of letting you answer calls clearly. The Noise and Echo reduction feature reduces the disturbance around you and helps transcend your voice through the microphone clearly. EXPERIENCE COMFORT WITH EASE The Plantronics BackBeat 105’s earbuds slide with much ease inside your ears, while the band sits comfortably on your neck. The headsets feature a remote and the microphone is inbuilt. Merely with a touch, you can control your music, the volume of tracks and answer calls. All this with ease. ENJOY AN IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE The in-ear headsets successfully let you immerse yourself into the richness of your music. The earbuds block out all the external noise to let you experience every little nuance. Say goodbye to unwanted outside noise. STAY CONNECTED ALWAYS The headsets let you stay connected throughout, everywhere and every day. Subtle vibrations and noise notifications let you effortlessly move from music to calls. What’s more? Now you don’t need to choose between two music devices; Simply connect to both of them! With multi-point technology, the BackBeat 105 lets you easily connect to two devices at the same time. TANGLE-FREE FLAT CABLES Don’t let annoying tangles annoy you anymore. The in-ears have flat cables that imply that they are tangle-resistant. Moreover, the magnetic earpieces stick together keeping tangling at bay. 2-IN-1 USB CHARGING CABLE Don’t let your life pause for long just because of a low battery. The 2-in-1 charging cable lets you quickly and conveniently charge your device/headset.